If you live in the mile high city you know that cold weather can impact your comfort not only outdoors, but inside your home as well. As trusted Denver heating technicians we know you want to enjoy a warm, comfortable home without paying a fortune on heating costs. In many cases all that’s needed to increase comfort is a furnace repair, especially if your HVAC or heating system isn’t relatively new. We want to highlight a few of the reasons your furnace may not be functioning as well as it should be.

Is your furnace blowing cold air? It may be blowing cold air at first, then warming up eventually. In this case, it may be that the fan limit switch is faulty. Our furnace repair technicians are available to test the switch for you and in the event it is faulty, replace it.

Is your heating system sporadically blowing warm air, then cold? If this seems to be the case, check to see if the thermostat is set on AUTO or ON. If it’s set on ON, this is likely the issue as the blower motor runs continuously on this setting, including the time when the furnace isn’t engaged in heating the air. If your furnace is set on AUTO, the cause of intermittent cold and hot air could be your furnace is overheating, which is generally caused by lack of airflow. Check to make sure the air filters are clean, and that your vents aren’t blocked or closed. If none of these steps help, contact our Denver HVAC technicians right away.

If your furnace fails to turn on, the problem is likely a tripped furnace breaker. Go to your electrical panel where you will see a breaker that’s likely labeled “furnace” or “HVAC.” Press the breaker off firmly, then back on. Hopefully that’s all it takes to resolve the issue, however if the breaker continues to trip it may be a bigger problem involving electrical components. In this case, leave it to a heating professional.

Grinding or unusual noises coming from your furnace are a symptom of a more serious problem, one you cannot take care of yourself. If you notice scraping or grinding sounds, turn off the furnace right away to protect against potential further damage. These noises can indicate a broken blower mount or wheel, loose bolts or other components that become lodged inside the blower motor or fan, or worn bearings. Our furnace repair experts can resolve these issues and get your heating system operating as it should again.

At Rocky Mountain Service Professionals your comfort is our top priority, no matter what the weather brings. If you’re having problems with your furnace or other heating system that can’t be remedied by replacing the air filter, adjusting your thermostat, or flipping the breaker, give our team a call today. We are the most trusted in the mile high city and guarantee your satisfaction.