Those who live in the Denver area rely on their furnace or HVAC system for heating their homes when the weather brings cold temperatures. You want your home to be warm and cozy, but sometimes when you least expect it a problem arises that impacts your family’s comfort. Could heating repair be in your future? There are some things you can check and take care of yourself, such as the air filters and thermostat setting. Below we share some of the most common symptoms that could indicate a furnace problem with those living in the mile high city.

Every heating system experiences normal wear and tear, and regular maintenance is vital to a properly functioning furnace and a longer lifespan. Still, you can’t always avoid issues that impact your comfort and require a professional’s help. Regular maintenance and having problems addressed before they become major issues will extend the lifespan of your furnace.

Have you noticed water around your furnace? Most furnaces use water to heat homes, but if it has leaked out of the furnace your heating system becomes less efficient – not to mention potential water damage to your home. You can count on our trusted team for heating repair when you need it – even in an emergency.

Are your air filters dirty or clogged? This is one of the easiest fixes, and one simple way to ensure your heating system operates at optimum efficiency. A clogged filter can cause frequent cycling which impacts your comfort as your furnace cycles on and off too quickly for your spaces to heat up as they should. Dirty filters may also contribute to damage of the limit switch, so change them often.

Insufficient heating is often due to issues with the thermostat setting, power, pilot light, or gas. Check your thermostat for temperature setting, and to make sure it’s set on AUTO and not ON. When your comfort is compromised and your home just doesn’t feel as warm as it once did, our Denver technicians are ready to help.

Thermostat malfunctioning is often the culprit when your heating system fails to produce sufficient heat. A malfunctioning thermostat can also contribute to fan issues. It’s important to note that thermostats don’t always last indefinitely, so you may need a new one if it can’t be repaired.

Is your furnace making unusual noises such as squeaking, grinding, or rumbling? Strange noises are not normal and may indicate problems with components which may have become loose, or a serious mechanical issue. This is not a DIY fix, so give us a call if you are hearing noises coming from your heating system.

At Rocky Mountain Service Professionals we provide heating repair services that are unsurpassed in the mile high city. Cold weather requires a furnace or HVAC system that operates as it should so that your family enjoys ultimate comfort. If you’re in the Denver area, give us a call for service or answers to your heating questions.